Genres of Dance

Combo Class – for our dancers kindergarten and younger we offer combination classes.

  • Combo Age 2 – 3, a 50 minute class meeting once a week including tap, ballet, and mat work.  In this class young students will learn to follow instructions, building coordination, motor skills, and be introduced to the fun world of dance.  For the end of year Recital these dancers perform one dance and a finale number.
  • Combo Age 3 – 4 and 4 – 5, a 50 minute class meeting once a week includes tap and ballet.  Students will learn be introduced to tap and ballet learning the basic terminology, and the foundation of dance.  They will enjoy creative movement, sing along song and dance, while learning through a variety dance games, to help build skills such as coordination, balance, and following instructions.  These students will also learn dance terminology each step of the way.  For Recital these dancers will perform one dance and a finale number.
  • Kindergarten Combo, a 50 minute class meeting once a week includes tap and ballet.  As these dancers learn tap and ballet terminology the focus of this class is building a strong foundation and touching on all the fundamentals of dance. For Recital these dancers will perform two dances and a finale number.


Ballet – Ballet is a classical dance form and the foundation of all dance. Ballet classes will help dancers with posture, flexibility, balance, self-discipline, and self-confidence. The focus of the class will be to learn terminology and technique, correct body alignment, improving their turn out and developing grace and poise.


Pre-Pointe/Pointe – Pointe is an extension of ballet for an advanced dancer. Dancers will wear pre-pointe or pointe shoes and will learn the correct and safe way to dance en pointe / on their toes. Students are recommended for this class based on muscular and skeletal development as well as their understanding of ballet.


Lyrical – Lyrical is a fusion of ballet and jazz dance techniques. Dancers will learn how to interpret the lyrics of the song through movement. Lyrical classes will focus on proper technique, flexibility, and expression.  In order to be enrolled in lyrical dancers must also take ballet.


Tap – Tap class is all about making music with your feet! Our tap classes stress the basics of tap while also teaching musicality and rhythm. Dancers will develop strength of the knees and ankles, coordination, and proper tap technique.


Jazz – Jazz class is an upbeat and fun style of dance! Jazz is based on ballet technique layered with traditional jazz movement. Dancers will develop flexibility, strength, and proper jazz technique while dancing to fun and upbeat music.


Irish – Irish dance is a group of traditional dances originating from Ireland. Irish class will be taken in soft shoe and will build the dancers strength and establish familiarity with the music as they begin with the fundamentals essential to traditional Irish dance. Classes will focus on foot placement, body alignment, and traditional steps of Irish dance.


Irish Hard Shoe – Irish Hard Shoe is an extension of Irish Soft Shoe class and dancers are required to have previous experience with soft shoe in order to take the hard shoe class. Irish Hard Shoe class focuses on continuing to build dancers understanding of Irish dance while teaching the proper technique of hard shoe.



Contemporary – Contemporary merges elements of ballet, jazz, lyrical, and modern into a very grounded, unique style of dance. Although the movement is often very fluid, it is also characterized by quirky off balance moves with lots of floor work. Contemporary classes develop body-awareness, and expression of movement while dancers will get to explore their own movement through improvisation.



Acro – Acrobatics is a tumbling based class that focuses on tricks on the mat. Dancers will develop flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, body-awareness, and self-discipline.  Acro class focuses on teaching proper and safe technique of skills such as backbends, cartwheels, front and back walkover, well as many other tricks and skills.


Acro Intermediate/Advanced – Acro Int/Adv class is for dancers that have mastered the following skills and have proper experience and teachers approval to be in these classes.  We encourage all dancers to begin in our open acro classes and once technically mastered the required skills by our qualified instructors we will notify you to move into the next level of class:

Skills mastered to be considered for the Int/Adv classes

  • Standing backbend (down and up)
  • Strong cartwheels and roundoff
  • Limbers and Walkovers (front and back)

Skills to be focused on throughout the year in the Int/Adv classes:

  • Aerials (side and front)
  • Back handsprings
  • Back tuck
  • Tumbling Passes (combining skills)
  • . . . and much more



Hip Hop –  Hip hop is a class that infuses many styles of street dancing, breaking, popping, and locking. Dancers will develop strength and stamina to successfully perform moves and skills. Hip hop class develops balance, coordination.  At Eastside we believe in the fundamentals of hip-hop using age appropriate movements.

Our hip-hop classes are offered through a special program called “Hip-Hop Crew Experience”:  Click here to read about our Hip-Hop Crew Experience PDF


Theater Dance (Musical Theater) – Theater dance class focuses on Broadway style dance while singing to a track. Dancers will develop their singing and dancing skills while learning about different Broadway Musicals. Dancers will develop self-confidence, performance quality, and dance technique.


*Please note this class is not designed to singing lessons and we encourage all interested in signing lessons to visit