Studio Policies

Tuition and Payment Policies

  • Tuition is an annual fee broken down into ten monthly payments.
  • Payments are posted to accounts the 25th of the previous month.
  • Payments are due the first of each month with the exception of the first and tenth payment.
  • The first payment is due the first class in September, the tenth and final payment is due by May 25th.
  • Payments made on-line can be in the form of Debit, Visa, or Master Card
  • Any payments made in studio must be cash or check.
  • If you pay by cash be sure you receive a receipt.
  • Auto-pay is the most popular and convenient payment method.


Tuition Payment Schedule
Payment 1 Due:  First week of classes (September)
Payments 2 – 9 Due:  The 1st of the month (October – May )
Payment 10 Due By:  May 25th


Late Payments / Returned Checks / Refunds

  • There will be a $20.00 late fee for any processed after the tenth of the month.
  • On the 10th of the month all account with an outstanding balance will be processed with an on-file card, including the late fee.
  • Returned checks will receive a bank fee.
  • There are no credits or refunds given.


Auto Pay

Our online system enables you to set up auto pay in which your current amount due each month will be automatically deducted from the card you choose to put on file. We suggest this feature as it is the most convenient way of making payments and ensuring you do not incur late fees as long as your card is valid (and funds available if using a debit card).



Costumes / Finale

  • Costumes are chosen by the teacher and posted in our in studio costume book in January for your viewing.
  • Two costume deposits are made one in October, one in November, and the remaining balance in January.
  • Costume deposits and balance are posted to your online account and payment is to be made according to the Costume Payment Schedule below.


  • Dancers kindergarten and older take part in our themed finale.
  • Students will be required to purchase a themed “finale accessory”
  • Typically this accessory is under $25.00 and is posted to your online account and due by May.
 Kindergarten Combo has two costumes
Costume Payment Schedule
First Deposit Due:  October 1st $30.00 per costume
Second Deposit Due:  November 1st$30.00 per costume
Balance Due:  January 1stRemaining balance: TBD


  • No costume is made to specifically fit your child. You will need to hem pants, tighten straps, or take costumes in if a costume runs large on your child.
  • If any extra items or additional accessories are ordered you are responsible for the payment.
  • If you leave a deposit for a costume you are responsible to complete the payment.
  • There is NO RETURN on deposits.
  • If dancer is withdrawn from a class for any reason and a costume has already been ordered you will be responsible for the payment of the costume and for picking the costume up at the end of May early June. (any costume left after our season has ended will be forfeited).


Dance Class Attire

An essential part of dance includes the maintenance of a neat appearance.  Wearing the proper dance attire is imperative to enable teachers to properly observe body form, movement, and alignment.   The ability to see the body’s placement and correct alignment, formations, and moments will be a success if the appropriate attire is worn.  In addition to proper dance attire the correct assigned dance shoes must be worn.  DANCE SHOES MUST NEVER BE WORN OUTSIDE!

Dress Code

Combo Classes

Pink Leotard and pink tights

(pink dance skirt/tutu is allowed)


First Grade and Older

Tap, Jazz, Modern/Contemporary, Irish, Lyrical, Acro

Black Leotard, Black Pants/Capi/Shorts, Capezio Caramel Tights

(Hip-Hop:  Sweats permitted over dance attire)


*If a dancer has any class before or after ballet, ballet attire trumps all other dance attire.

*Therefore pink tights and black leotard can be worn for any/all classes.



Black Leotard and Capezio Ballet Pink Tights



White T-shirt with Black Shorts/Pants


General Studio Policies

No cell phones, gum, or jewelry

All students must respect teachers, staff, and other students

Hands must be kept off the mirrors and one another

Arrive to class on time and ready

Hair must be pulled back (neatly in a pony tail or bun (bun for ballet))

Proper dance attire must be worn

Always have a positive “I can do it” attitude

Wear your smile and have fun!!!



Attendance is very important

Please try to attend every class

There are no make-ups for missed classes

*For extenuating circumstances upon request arrangements can be made*

No refunds or credits are given for absences

If attendance becomes an issue Eastside has the right to terminate a students position in the class with no refunds.


Calendar & Closings

For all major holidays we follow the Toms River Regional School Schedule. Please visit our studio calendar page for a copy of our open/close schedule

Saturday classes follow Friday’s schedule. See front desk for more information.

We generally follow the rule “When Toms River Schools are closed, Eastside is closed” however at times we must deviate form this. 

Please check facebook, instagram, studio bulletin board, or call the studio whenever in doubt.


Recital Time

Dress Rehearsal

Recital rehearsal will take place the week leading up to recital. This will be a dressed rehearsal. The dancer should arrive in their first costume. Since the auditorium is used as a huge dressing room for the dancers we ask that one female representative accompany the dancer. The Rehearsal is a time for the dance so we ask that no siblings attend the rehearsal. We ask that only one person accompany the dancer due to the high volume of performers prepping to perform. Video and flash photography of your child’s performance will be allowed at this time. The dancer will have designated areas to sit with their calls mom. All other moms/female guardian will need to sit in assigned areas.


There are a minimum of two shows.  Our Recital location is announced after January each year.  Our latest location is the beautiful Jackson Memorial Fine Arts Center.  The show order and schedule will be determined and posted prior to ticket sales to ensure you know which show(s) your child is in. All students are required to stay for the duration of the show. No undergarments should be worn under costumes. Light make-up should be applied (further instructions will are posted as Recital approaches). No jewelry or nail polish should be worn.

East Side Dance Company Recital

No performers will be allowed in the auditorium.

NO flash photography or video is permitted.

There will be a professional videographer.