Eastside offers class for the dancers as young as age 2 through adult for all ages and abilities.  For those students kindergarten and under we offer a combination class of tap and ballet.  For our older students we offer a variety of dance styles including Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Pointe, Irish, Contemporary, Lyrical, Acro, and Hip-Hop.

Our goal is to enable each student to experience and master the many elements of dance including but not limited to confidence, coordination, creativity, self-expression, self-esteem, musically, rhythm, discipline, technique, poise, and grace. Most of all we strive to bring out the full potential in each and every student while having a fun fulfilling dance experience.

Eastside Dance Company is fully dedicated to educating dancers in the art of dance.  Through the variety of styles offered we focus on building the dancer both technique and as a person.  We believe positivity in the classroom is key.   The purpose of Eastside Dance Company is to provide dance education that will focus on technique and dance skills along with personal growth.  We believe that personal growth and self-esteem play an important role in dance education.  Hard work pays off not only by improving the technique of each dancer but also by promoting a healthy lifestyle and developing our students’ personal understanding of dedication.

Eastside Dance Company provides ample opportunities for its students to build up self-esteem through personal accomplishments.  We offer a variety of beginner, intermediate, and recreational classes.  For students seeking a more rigorous dance curriculum we offer several programs including our intermediate to advanced classes, dedicated competitive teams and several programs including a summer series of master classes with highly esteemed choreographers.   This program brings in true masters of the dance world into our studio to give dancers experience with New York Style Teachers that both educate and excite our dancers.  In addition to challenging our students, we believe that the art of dance should be an enjoyable experience in which enjoyment and the love for dance goes hand in hand with dedication and hard work.

The owner Julia DeDominick DeRite’s goal is to create a positive atmosphere that will develop not just a great dancer but a well rounder performer who understands hard work and dedication, as these skills will shine in all areas of life.  We welcome you and hope you decide to join the Eastside Family.

In the Fall of 2011 Eastside Dance Company was thrilled to expand in its currently location to add a second dance room known as Studio B in Kings Court located 910-912 Hazelwood Road, Toms River.  Three years later in 2014 and we are overjoyed with excitement to be opening our third dance room studio C.  Studio C is located directly behind us in Bellcrest Plaza.  Studio C is primary a drop-off location for our dancer attending multiple classes throughout the week.  Our main location 910 Hazelwood Road is your source of information and where all business is taken care of.  We are thrilled to have this addition which will enable us to offer more class for our dancers and added events throughout the year.

Owner and studio director  Julia DeDominick DeRites wants to thank all of the families who have been by her side as Eastside has grown and those who have taken advantage of all the amazing programs we have been able to offer with the continued growth including special summer Masters Series.  Ms. Julia would like to welcome all new Eastside Dancers to the Eastside Family as we look forward to an amazing future filled with dancing, educating, and enjoyment!